Asheville HOA Issues

I Washed My Hair for This?

Boards of directors often inherit both positive and negative aspects when taking over from a previous board, especially when few or no prior board members remain to help with the transition. Therefore, a significant part of any new board's initial term is figuring out how to deal with decisions made by previous boards, understanding the [...]

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Termites Bonds: If Your Association Doesn’t Have One You’re Wrong

Whether you live in a condominium or a single family home that's part of an association no one is safe from termite damage. From the home you live in to the community pool house the damage that these critters can wreak can cost you or your association thousands of dollar to repair. Many mortgage companies [...]

Five Problems With Self Managed HOAs In Asheville

Does your homeowners association require professional management in Asheville? From a purely, top view technical stance the answer is no. Once you focus the lens a bit more there are many challenges that aren't apparent on the surface. Few homeowners even realize what the powers and responsibilities  of an association Board of Directors are. A [...]

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