Last Update: 10 December 3:04 PM

Notice: Information on this page is meant only to approximate the status of contractor winter road maintenance services within your community. In no way does this page or the information herein assess road conditions or drivability. During inclement weather all drivers and pedestrians should consider roads and walkways to be slippery and hazardous. Please use extreme caution when traveling when temperatures are at or near freezing.

Follow-up services may be required when accumulations are continuous. Some services may be delayed until the cessation of precipitation.

UPDATE: Ice is present on roadways. Ice melt  is infective when conditions are extremely wet and accumulations continue. Travel is not recommended unless absolutely necessary. 

Status Legend

0 – 25% Crew En route

25 – 50% Crews Onsite

50 – 75% Crews Cleaning up

100% Service Complete

Poplar Ridge – Contractor: R and P Property Managers 0%
The Views at Rose Hill – Contractor: Sprinkle Creek Landscaping 0%
Carrington Place – Contractor: R and P Property Managers, Inc. 0%
Riverknoll – Contractor: R and P Property Managers, Inc. 0%
Blue Mist Farms – Contractor: Affordable Property Services 0%
Hunters Trace – Contractor: Carolina Lawn and Landscape 100%
Soapstone Creek – Contractor: Brad Nash Builders 0%
Willoughby Run – Contractor: Pinnacle Landscapes 0%
Glenn Merrill – Contractor: R and P Property Managers, Inc. 0%