Randy Loftis
Randy LoftisCurrent BOD President
I am a former soil scientist with the USDA (22 years) and current small business owner and yoga teacher. I also volunteer one day a week at the WNC Nature Center.

I have lived full time at Sunset Ridge since the beginning of 2018. I have served on the board of Sunset Ridge Condominiums for three years now. I have served as president of the board for the past two years.

For the community, I would like to see several things. First, is to get the elevator renovation behind us. Second, is to slowly start to move the association in a direction consistent with the needs of the times. This includes getting our bylaws and covenants in line with current needs and current NC state law. Getting those items behind us is key so we can then, as a community, focus on the continued viability of Sunset Ridge. This would include financial stability, and keeping an eye on the changing needs of our community.

Greg Hensley
Greg HensleyCandidate
Greg Hensley #211

To whom it may concern,

I would like to be considered as a candidate for the 2023/2024 Sunset Ridge HOA Board . I am an Asheville native and have lived at SSR since 2016.

I have served on the Board previously and been involved in an advisory role on several projects on the property. While on the Board we replaced the pool deck, renovated the 1st and 6th floor. I also coordinated the replacement of the hot water boiler system and several smaller emergency plumbing repairs before joining the Board.

I recently retired as Associate Director of Buncombe County Schools Maintenance/Facilities Dept. My team was responsible for maintaining 45 campuses with multiple buildings . BCS has over 5 million square feet of very similar needs as we see here at SSR. During my time there , we had approx. 100 people to help with this task but unfortunately we would have to utilize outside contractors continuously to maintain these buildings with repairs and new construction. This is a huge struggle these days but can be accomplished with a good working knowledge of building envelopes and their grounds. I can bring a practical working knowledge of building maintenance, tight budgets and most of all common sense to our Board .

Danielle Kost Parrish
Danielle Kost ParrishCandidate
I have served on several school boards as well as Non-profit organizations. I have a BA in Sports Management from The Ohio State University where I was a high jumper and the captain of the track team. I earned my MA in School Counseling at Cleveland State University before becoming the Director of the Middle School at Lake Ridge Academy. I first worked in sports and intramurals at Oberlin College and then became a health and physical education teacher at Lake Ridge Academy where I taught and coached a variety of sports before becoming the Athletic Director there and eventually the Director of Middle School. After spending 28 years in Ohio, it was time to get to Asheville! I served as Director of Admissions and Marketing at Hanger Hall School for 6 years before formally retiring. I live here with my husband Monty, who is a retired Middle School Science teacher and former athletic director and coach. Our Son Robert lives here in Asheville and our younger son Tyler is living in Athens, Georgia. I am retired but spend some time at Grove Park Inn at the Pro Shop and Golf Club. In my free time you will find me enjoying outdoor sports, gardening, hiking, reading, cooking or hanging out with family and friends. I would be honored to serve on the Board and support our Sunset Ridge community! Thank you for considering me for a board position.
Stephen Davis
Stephen DavisCandidate
I talked to someone from InstaCart today and they said that if you order your food to be delivered, they would have to haul it up the stairs to your condo. That doesn’t solve how YOU get up and down those stairs, but maybe it will help, which is more than this Board is doing about this horrendous elevator repair issue under the “leadership” of Randy Loftis.

Not to mention the pool, and how we can’t even get to the grill. The
city tells me that we pulled a permit to fix the pool almost six months ago
(it expires in July).

As a former Arizona state senator, and as someone who has written ByLaws for numerous non-profit organizations, I know how to read (and sometimes decipher) Bylaw language. And I make you this first promise…. I will do everything in my power to make sure this new Board obeys what our Bylaws say – which is our only protection as owners.

My second promise is transparency. No more closed-doors, “executive sessions” unless absolutely necessary. There is hardly any reason why a Board of Directors of an HOA needs to meet in secret.

And what I want to accomplish in this next year, first and foremost, is for the new Board to come up with a plan on what you can do when it comes time to replace your furnace. The furnace you have now is completely antiquated. It is getting harder and harder to find parts or replacements. Plus, your heating is from heat strips – the most inefficient heating there is. We need to hire an architect who will figure out how you can replace your heat-strip furnace with a heat pump and still maintain our exterior beauty. (A heat pump will also be 3 times as efficient as your heat strips, saving you a lot of money.

For a full bio, please see https://macp-us.org/about-the-author/

I have lived in SSR for 4 years, in #102, next to the elevator.

Thank you for your support.

Genevieve Lessard
Genevieve Lessard Candidate
Hello , my name is Genevieve Lessard, nick name: Gen.

This is my third year living here. I fell in love with Asheville in 2017 while on vacation and have made it my new home.

My background includes being a creative/owner/operator of a retail business that became iconic in the Florida keys. My daughter and son-in-law still run it today, 40 years later.

When living in Fort Lauderdale I worked for Superior One Masonry Co, Inc. My work in the field eventually led me to the Abacos Bahamas, (Great Guana Cay). I have seen masonry shell construction for decades and am always concerned with water intrusion both in homes and commercial buildings anywhere, especially in hurricane territory.

I didn’t have enough time to be on the BofD for my Florida boutique-style condominium, but I volunteered whenever I could. I saw how it operated and have worked with our Board president and the Board.  That condo is also having an elevator modernization, and I see how good communication is imperative in this serious situation.

I am aware that there will be new NC laws affecting us and believe these should concern all homeowners here at SSRC. As I have a healthy respect for our Board members’ time, I too have the time required to address these issues.

My hope for the Sunset Ridge Condominium Board of Directors would be to bring transparency and communication of our HOA’s governing laws to our community – helping others who may not understand them, and avoiding problems before they arise.

Fostering an enjoyable and welcoming community environment for all is my goal here. A simple first step is to update all communications such as our welcome packet, a user-friendly website, and regular news blast, updates and reminders for our community on the “do’s & don’ts”….

Thank you for your consideration.

Genevieve lessard