River Stone HOA 2021 Board of Directors Election

Current Candidates

James R. Hylemon
James R. HylemonCandidate
James Hylemon is a 4-year resident of the neighborhood. James has a degree from Liberty University in Business Administration. He also works for the Daniel Boone Council, the local organization of the Boy Scouts of America. He understands how to work with a diverse group of individuals to achieve the same goal.

James believes the main responsibility of the HOA board is to actively maintain or increase the investments made in the homes of our community. To accomplish this, there need to be quality amenities and a growing sense of community. The HOA board should actively work to keep homeowners in the know about how their HOA Fees are spent and how these expenses benefit each homeowner in the neighborhood.

Seth Summey
Seth SummeyCandidate
As a Henderson County Sheriff Deputy whose jurisdiction just so happens to be River Stone, I’m extremely passionate about keeping our neighborhood safe. Some of you wouldn’t believe some of the things that I have had to respond to in our neighborhood. So as your new Board Member, I will do whatever I can to make sure that we take every step possible to make this the safe, family-friendly community that I’m told it once was.

Before joining the HCSD, I proudly served our county for seven years in the Air Force and have been in the NC Air National Guard for six years (and counting). I’m extremely proud of those careers, but my most important job and the one that I’m most proud of is being a Daddy to my sweet four-year-old, Sawyer. She is my absolute pride and joy. Sawyer was so excited to move to the neighborhood where we’ve dropped Santa letters off for the last couple of years and where we’ve spent countless hours driving through looking at Christmas lights. I’m excited to raise my precious girl here, and that’s why I want to make this neighborhood the best one around.

Tamara Amin
Tamara AminCandidate
I am Tamara Amin, a resident of River Stone since 2014. I am originally from New Jersey. I have a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Management. I have 3 beautiful girls. I am the Town Clerk/Deputy Tax Collector/HR for the small town on the Mountain, Town of Laurel Park. I deal with a diverse group of commissioners and board members every day. I believe the HOA board needs to be as transparent, active and helpful in order for residents to be heard. It is the duty of the HOA board to continue to fulfill deadlines, follow up and stay on top of important matters like our roads. I believe social events and amenities are an important part of getting to know everyone and having that neighborhood feel.
Jessica Clarke
Jessica ClarkeCandidate
My name is Jessica Clarke, and I am hoping to join the River Stone Board.
I’ve lived in River Stone for 4 years & ready for change.

I am a mom to 3 kiddos – ages 6,9,&12. I want them to enjoy living in River
Stone and I want them to be safe here. I have owned & managed Riverside
Village since 2016. It consists of 9 group homes for 54 residents that are
mentally & developmentally disabled. I have 25+ employees who refer to me
as a “boots on the ground” boss & I plan to carry that over to our
neighborhood…if I want to get something done, I’m going to jump in & work
to make it happen.

Those who know me, know how passionate I am about things I believe in.
That’s why I will not step down if I feel like things aren’t being done
fairly, morally, or legally – no matter how long it’s been done that way.

We have to work together to get social events back, new amenities added,
current amenities improved, & the sense of community renewed or River Stone
will no longer be the best place to live in Henderson County.

Caryn Huggins
Caryn HugginsCandidate
My name is Caryn Huggins and I have been encouraged to join the Board. After having served on multiple committees in River Stone over many years, I see the need for consistency, transparency, and communication. Every resident should know who the Board is & see them in person on a regular basis.

As a Realtor who does a tremendous amount of business in River Stone (closed 19 homes in 2021), I am very concerned about what will happen with our home values if we don’t improve the amenities we have and add more (picnic pavilion, playground shade, etc).

When my husband, kids, and I moved here almost 8 years ago, River Stone was a tight knit community. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case anymore which I feel is in part due to the lack of social events. I want to get back to where we once were.

In addition , I want to make sure that we can continue to host the weekly food trucks that I coordinate. I also want to work on the Halloween traffic debacle. Lastly, I want to make sure that ALL residents are provided the same, accurate information in regards to covenants, restrictions, and potential violations.

Joe Bartholomew
Joe BartholomewCandidate
To whom it may concern,

I feel I would be a valuable candidate on the board for River Stone hoa due to my extensive construction back ground . I own and operate a commercial construction business with a majority of my work being state , local and federal contracts .90% being in buncombe and henderson co. in short I understand the importance of proper design , contracts and facts not assumptions.