Mindy Bradbury
Mindy BradburyCandidate
Hello! My name is Mindy Bradbury and my husband (Jeff) and I have been
part-timers here in Cimarron since May of 2022. We reside in Cleveland,
Ohio and like to get to Asheville every 4-6 weeks. Our daughters also enjoy
visiting Asheville as well. (We have two, Ainsley is 22 and Elise is 20.)
We especially enjoy the hiking and biking trails and all the fun breweries.

Currently, I am a small business owner, selling original parts to the
Cleveland steel mill. Before that, I was an office manager for a property
management company for 4 years. I’ve also held various research positions
for corporate and academic libraries since graduating with a masters in
library science.

I am running for a board position as a way to get involved in the community
and to meet more people. I feel that my experience as a business owner,
along with my time spent working for a property management company, will
allow me to provide insight and suggestions for the community.

Myra Grant
Myra GrantCurrent Board Member
(828) 674-8627-cell phone

Small business owner for 3 years; 9 years experience in planning and economic development organizations; 10 years of progressive management experience with United Way in marketing, planning and resource development; and 18 additional years experience in development, management, marketing management in the hospital setting. Strong background in non-profit management techniques, volunteer development, marketing and strategic planning. Personal and work style is known for flexibility, dedication to tasks, ethics and strategic vision.

Eric MoonCandidate
This bio is to introduce myself to the Cimarron board of directors. I believe it is more or less an obligation for residents of the community to be available for service on the board, and I am certainly willing to take a turn.

My wife Marlene and I bought the unit at 211 Cheyenne Ct in 2017. At the time we were living in Honolulu, and we wanted a place to stay when we visited our son and his family, who had recently relocated to Asheville.

After several years of living here in Asheville almost half time, we decided that the travel to and from Hawaii was too taxing, so in 2020, just before the pandemic lockdowns hit us all, we moved here full time.

When I say “full time” I should clarify that Marlene and I have lately been spending the winter months in a warmer place, and we plan to continue doing so, meaning that there would be some board meetings I would not be attending in person.

I am a retired professor of Finance and Economics (San Francisco State University), and I also was the founding partner in an actuarial consulting firm in California, Moon, Schwartz & Madden. I have retired from that too, and I now occupy myself with grandfathering three wonderful little girls, and I also do an educational podcast.

I served a three-year term on the board of directors of Kaimana Lanais, our condo in Honolulu, as treasurer. Given my background, I believe I can contribute especially to the discussion of financial matters.

I understand the core duty of a board member to maximize the common good of the community, while respectfully observing the rights of the individual owners.

Please let me know if I can be of service.

Eric Moon