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Real Estate Professionals and Closing Attorneys – In an effort to streamline statement and document requests related to closings and other transactions we have partnered with HomeWise Docs. Requests related to closings or real estate transactions MUST be made in no less than 72 hours from closing through HomeWise Documents.
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At R and P Property Managers, Inc. we believe that effective community management goes miles towards developing neighborhoods that are financially sound,  property values are maintained and owners can enjoy their properties as they envisioned when they purchased their homes. We support our volunteer Board of Directors’ with solid management guidance based on industry standard practices along with effective, qualified vendors and expert third party consultants.


Charlie has a reputation for his expertise and outstanding relationships with his clients. It does not take long when first meeting Charlie to recognize his integrity, sincerity and genuineness. He generously contributes his time to providing education to volunteers serving on homeowners association boards.
Jim Laumann, CMCA, Founder/Owner, HOA-USA

Providing professional community management services for Asheville, Hendersonville and all of Western North Carolina.